The Key Reasons to Choose iStar Publishing

1. We specialise in business and personal development books

Here’s the truth, we delight in helping business owners, consultants, coaches and entrepreneurs succeed. That’s why we exist in the first place…for your success.

We specialise in ghost-writing, publishing and marketing business and personal development books, because we want to help you get your message out there so you can contribute to people’s lives. In turn, we want your book to bring your business more clients, more profits and stand out from the competition.

iStar Publishing is here to help you become a recognised ‘Star’ and expert in your niche market by leveraging the power of your book.

2. Ongoing coaching and marketing support

We believe that a book has tremendous power as a marketing tool for your business. But the fact is that most people in business that publish a book, only utilise around 15% of the capacity of their book as a marketing and branding tool.

That’s why our experts can provide you with ongoing coaching and training, not just in marketing your book, but actually integrating your book as a marketing platform to grow and even start a business.

3. Bestseller chart-topping service

We aim to help our clients stand out more: after all, our goal is to help you become a ‘Star’ in your market.

That’s why one of our unique and powerful services is to help you top the charts on Amazon.

By hitting the top 100 on the bestseller charts, you can gain credibility and become the ‘Star’ in your market.

4. Turnkey publishing solution for busy entrepreneurs

We realise that most entrepreneurs, consultants and business owners simply don’t have the time to write a book. That’s why we have a turnkey book publishing solution… we can do everything from writing, designing, distribution and marketing your book (at super-affordable prices).

You can simply focus on your business while we do the hard work to make you a published author.