If you are a coach, consultant or speaker, chances are you may have toyed with the idea of writing a book.

Perhaps one of the key things holding you back is that you underestimate the potential of a book’s impact on your business.

The purpose of this article is to show you 5 key ways that an ‘authority book’ can help grow your business.

The reason I call it an ‘authority book’ is simply because the main objective of writing the book is to gain authority and credibility.

An authority book is written for the purpose of growing your business. As opposed to many others who write a book for the purpose of making money from book sales.

So here’s the 5 ways an authority book can grow your business.

1. Generate more leads

There’s a myriad of ways having a book can help you generate a lot more leads in your business. I’ve seen people give away books for free on their website if you pay for postage (or in some cases, no postage is required). I personally bundle my books as a bonus with some of my offerings to generate more value. I have also used my books as an ‘ethical bribe’ for people to agree to an appointment with me or my sales team.

In addition, being a published author sets you apart from others in your field. Giving you that extra layer of credibility and increase the chances of them signing up to your email list, especially for cold traffic who have never come across you.

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2. Help in sales conversions

As a consultant, I frequently win consulting jobs simply because I am a published author. It makes me stand out compared to other consultants who don’t have a published book in hand. It sets me apart from the others who often have to compete on price or try to convince the prospect why they are the better option. As a published author of multiple books, I simply hand them a copy of my book, and my book does the job of selling me in a subtle, yet powerful way.

In this way, being a best-selling author has helped me launch a 6-figure consulting business within 6 months.

3. Generate referrals

One of the main challenges in getting referrals is asking for it. I used to approach my clients and ask them if they had anyone they could think of they could refer to me. Occasionally I might get the one or two people who give me a name of someone I can contact. But the majority will respond that they don’t know anyone.

To overcome this problem, I now use my book as a referral tool. I simply ask my clients, “By the way, would you know any of your business associates that would benefit from reading my book on branding?” 9 times out of 10 I will get at least 2 or 3 names.

I’ll get their contact details and send them my book. A much better referral system that makes my client look good and adds value to the people they refer to me.

Being a best-selling author has helped me launch a 6-figure consulting business within 6 months Click To Tweet

4. Use it as part of your ascension model

I’m sure you know that if someone buys something from you once, they are much more likely to buy from you again. I sell services and products in the tens of thousands. To hit the client straight up for a $30K product at the first meeting is difficult.

That’s why I use my book as part of my ascension model. To get clients to spend something with me, even if it is just a few dollars. That leads to higher priced products and services down the track.

5. Build your database

As a coach or consultant, I’m sure you are constantly seeking guest speaking gigs in order to promote your business and yourself. Being a published author will help you land more speaking gigs.

Secondly, I myself have often used a book as a tool to get participant’s email addresses and contact details. Depending on the crowd, I might use it as a free give-away in exchange for their contact details. In other occasions I would promote my book on stage so they come and purchase it at the back of the room.

In both cases, it is a tremendous opportunity to get these people onto my database and market other higher value products and services to them. It’s often a non-threatening way to get people to spend a bit of money with you, and at the same time, build your authority in their eyes.

I hope this article has shed some light for you on how you can practically use your authority book to grow your business rapidly.

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Terence Tam is the founder of iStar Publishing. Terence is known as the ‘radical marketer’ for his out of the box ideas on marketing and the way he achieves quantum leaps for his clients. Terence founded iStar Publishing to help entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and speakers to become best-selling authors, and to grow their business with an authority book. The iStar Publishing team has 10 years of experience in book publishing and published over 2,000 books under their old brand.